I am often asked to assist companies with a Request For Proposal (RFP) for contact center software (ACD, Workforce Management, Quality Recording, etc.).  The following provides a high level outline for an RFP.

The outline provided above is only a guideline.  In order to execute an effective RFP process additional elements are required including a "deep dive" into each of the sections noted above along with a detailed project plan.

Please feel free to reach out to me for additional details on how to create and manage an effective RFP process.

I can be reached by email at scott.sachs@sjssolutions.net or by phone at 610-636-1613.

RFP Outline

1.0 Vendor Background

2.0 Summary of Response

3.0 User Requirements

4.0 Additional Features Supported

5.0 Reporting

6.0 Technology and Connectivity

7.0 Scalability

8.0 Security

9.0 Availability

10.0 Training/Documentation

11.0 Project Management and Schedule

12.0 Maintenance and Support

13.0 Strategic Partners

14.0 Pricing